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Baja Cooler

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RYSE Fuel™ combines the perfect amount of clean, all-day energy from 200mg of natural caffeine combined with an efficacious dose of focus & flow enhancing ingredients to deliver an incredible energy experience. Finish that off with a blast of delicious flavors & you’ll see why we call this magic in a can! #FuelUp

Manufactured in the USA
in a cGMP Certified facility

Twisted Lime

RYSE Fuel Key Actives

Amount of key ingredients per can

  • Caffeine

    RYSE Fuel contains 200mg of natural caffeine for smooth and clean feeling energy.

  • Choline Bitartrate

    Choline Bitartrate is an essential nootropic for enhanced mood, focus, and cognition (yields 40% choline by weight).

  • Taurine

    A multi-beneficial amino acid that supports overall cognition, hydration, and physical performance.


Vegan Friendly


Gluten Free


BS Fillers


Artificial Colors

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